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I am fascinated by the myths and legends of the British Isles. I am inspired by folklore and customs of here and Europe.
I love the wild woods, craggy coast, distant hills, fair meadows and tumbling streams of these islands, they inspire my work.
I have to admit that an affair with the landscape of central France has played it’s part too!

Basically I just want to celebrate the beauty I see around me in my work, if I can : )

I like to paint three dimensional items as I find it pleasurable to pick up and handle an item rather than have it framed on a wall. Occasionally though, the need to do something very different grabs me and I do produce the odd weird and wonderful picture.

Each item I paint is totally unique and is created to be a piece of art. They take several days to complete, with many layers of paint used to give depth of colour to the image. They very much evolve during the painting process and a finish pot may end up very different from the original concept. I work in tiny details often using a 00000 brush. My first artworks were done for the miniature book market, so I guess the habit of working small scale stuck!

Each piece I paint tends to have my own special, unique border design. This is the ‘frame’ for my work and lends continuity to it, making them desirable as collector’s pieces.

I am happy to create items along a similar theme to the ones you see here, please contact me if you would like me to do this or if you would like me to create something special for you.


My other websites are:

Celyn’s on Etsy

Celyn’s on Folksy

Celyn on DeviantArt


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