Yule is coming!

Oh dear, yes it is true and as such I have been working on some suitable images.


I very much like the old vintage style Christmas cards, some of them are so cosy and echo a simpler time. I wanted to make them acceptable for Yule or Christmas without being exclusive to either. For example there is the Oak as well as the Holly in the “Grandfather Christmas” card and is the traditional Holly King green rather than red. The gifts in the sack are of happiness, peace and love, with a gingerbread man for physical well-being (from the corn harvest of Lammas). The “Christmas Night” card has a rising sun painted on the sleigh itself, there is red in the sleigh for fire, but again the robes are of the Holly King. Some oak leaves just hanging on in the Winter’s night. And of course there has to be a standing stone or two in both of them somewhere!


These cards are available from my DeviantArt page, and soon to be available in ACEO and other formats from Etsy and possibly Ebay.

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